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Dene Bright, School Principal

Prior to choosing to join Reach British School, I spent over 30 years working in education in a variety of locations and positions. These include primary classroom teacher, PE teacher, education advisor, leadership consultant, Principal and Vice Principal in both rural and metropolitan areas. I have had the opportunity to work in Abu Dhabi, as well as Egypt, Africa, Qatar, Fiji, Canada, Saudi Arabia and schools across Western Australia.

My most recent position was head of a British School in Cairo, a fantastic school with wonderful staff and vibrant, fascinating city.  Reach British School lured me away with the prospect of returning to Abu Dhabi where I previously worked as part of an ADEC school reform project.

I have a son and a daughter who keep me young and focused on what today's students need for the future workforce. And I'll have to work hard to find time to add to my list of 52 countries visited and to reduce my golf handicap on the wonderful golf courses here in Abu Dhabi! 



Tom O’Meara – Joint Head of Secondary

Before joining Reach British School, I spent over 10 years teaching in Ireland. My roles included Head of Year, Programs Coordinator and Accounting and Business Studies teacher, all of which were fantastic experience while implementing new policies and in working with some very inspirational and motivational people. As Head of Secondary and Head of Pastoral Care, I can guide students with their personal and academic ambitions in life. I am also a subject teacher of Business Studies and Humanities, which means I have a full insight into student everyday learning, and enables me to help my students resolve their concerns in a firm but fair way. 

I joined Reach British School for the opportunity to grow a new Secondary Department. This is an exciting challenge, and I believe we can provide a holistic education to all students who enrol. Outside of school I enjoy both playing and watching all sports. I have a huge interest in Gaelic games and have coached and played at the highest level. I also enjoy travelling to new places and spending time with my family and friends.



Minakshi Wilkhoo – Joint Head of Secondary

Before joining Reach British School, I worked in Abu Dhabi as a classroom teacher in a private school for three years. I have over 9 years of teaching experience in both the classroom, as a leader in the UK including as Teaching and Learning coordinator and Second in Department for Science.

Teaching in the United Arab Emirates has extended my experiences as an educator, which gives me the opportunity to work alongside the rest of the Senior Team to make a significant contribution to our school. This role in the Secondary School will assist me to introduce inspiring and imaginative teaching and learning pedagogies that will promote effective approaches for all students. This can benefit both students and staff leading to increased attainment from all pupils. I have a child in this school which When I am not at school I also enjoy travelling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. 



Christopher Andrews – Head of Primary

I have joined Reach British School after three years of experience in UAE education, previously working for ADEC in the first government all-boys school to receive a rating of 'good' from Irtiqa’a. Before this I was in an outstanding multicultural school in the U.K, as a teacher in both Early Years and Primary.   

As Head of Primary, which now has over 800 students, I need to be able to teach across a wide range of subjects, as well as to support my fantastic teachers, lead the department, and take the Primary assemblies. My students may be aged 5-11, but they see both the hardworking and compassionate sides to me. 

I chose Reach British School because the staff are friendly and they work hard, while the students are lively and enjoy the wide range of learning they experience every day. Outside of school I like to read and go running, I enjoy astronomy, watching football, spending time with my family, and I can also play the guitar - which gives me lots to talk about with my students.



Sally Gibson - Head of Early Years

I moved to Abu Dhabi in April 2017 to join Reach British School as Head of Early Years, having worked in many primary schools in the United Kingdom. While I now live in Abu Dhabi with my husband, John, my two sons, Oliver and Marcus, are both living and working in London.  

With a passion for rich and challenging play based learning, I believe I bring a wealth of expertise to this role. I believe that effective Early Years education is essential to equip children with a thirst for knowledge, skills and understanding that will motivate and develop their academic and social abilities to succeed in our ever-changing and challenging world. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities offered by Reach British School, its community and the country itself and I look forward to being part of the school’s journey towards being an outstanding provider of high quality learning for families in Abu Dhabi.



Marwa Mohamed, Head of Arabic

Since I lived and taught in Canada for more than 12 years, I believe and have seen that each child is unique, and that each child learns in a different way. As Head of the Arabic department I will support my team to reach their maximum goals with their students. I believe we need to inspire our kids to follow their passions, while letting them inspire us to do the same. I believe we should also be there to support our parents in their knowledge of the curriculum we are teaching students. Moreover, as a mum of three children at the school, I know I will be equipped to guide to my team to achieve their teaching objectives for the student’s benefits.



Clair Marsh – Head of Operations

I consider the UAE to be my home, I moved here with one suitcase and a few boxes 11 years ago and now I am a happy wife and mother of three, all born in the Abu Dhabi.  

It has been an exciting and fulfilling experience for me, we are incredibly settled and looking forward to spending many more years in Abu Dhabi. I have gained extensive British curriculum school experience teaching throughout the Early Years in Abu Dhabi and after 3 years of leading Early Years departments I have moved across to my current position. The most enjoyable aspect of my role is making Reach British School a place where we see children and teachers flourish. I get real satisfaction from supporting learning experiences, and enabling staff members to be able to achieve their very best.

Reach British School has a very culturally diverse and interesting school population. I love the insight and experiences that being a part of this school brings, especially during special days which bring in the community from both from the school and local population.



Charlotte Stephenson – Head of Communications and Admissions

I moved to Abu Dhabi in September 2016 from England, and it has been a fantastic experience so far. Moving here from London, where I managed an events venue, I have been lucky to start my journey in the UAE in such a welcoming place at Reach British School. My work experience until now has always been very customer facing, and I am here to welcome and support new parents joining the school as well as working with our existing parents as they help us to continue to grow the school.

Outside of work I try and make the most of all the UAE offers by diving, climbing, watersports and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Another exciting opportunity in joining Reach British School will be achieving my goal of learning to speak Arabic. .



Layla Keylani – Head of Finance

Before joining Reach, I had 15 years of experience in finance and advisory services in various industries, of which eight years were as a finance manager after earning my CMA.

I joined Reach British School September 2015 in its second year of operation. I have witnessed the impressive progress this young school is achieving and I’m proud to be part of the hard working and dedicated team at Reach, who are targeting excellence in all aspects of teaching, learning and caring. Myself with all my other colleagues in administration department are happy to be supporting both our educational team and valuable pupil’s parents, to see our students well equipped by Reach for their bright future.

Extra-Curricular Activities
At Reach British school we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of Extra Curricular Activities as a way of ensuring that all children can make the most out of the programme.
UAE Culture
The UAE is a truly international mix of nationalities from all over the world.
Teaching and Learning
Teaching, Learning and Assessment are three interconnected processes which help support the teacher (and parents) in providing the most relevant and applied techniques to support individual children in their learning.
House System
At Reach British School we aim to encourage team spirit. In today’s global market we also believe that instilling a healthy sense of competition in our children is vital.