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Our Re-opening Plans

Dear Reach Community,

I trust you have all had a safe, restful summer vacation and you are all as excited and ready to return to Reach as we are!

We have compiled all current up-to-date information in this email to enable you to retrieve and refer to it in the coming weeks and days.

Most of our students will return to face-to-face learning from Sunday, August 29th. If for any reason your child will not be in attendance on his/her first day of school, please email

All families must complete this ‘Return to School form’. If you answer ‘yes’ to high-risk medical needs, or to travel, you will also need to complete separate medical and travel forms. Please complete, scan and return the required forms that are applicable to you before Sunday, August 29th.

Medical Risk Undertaking Form:

If your child has a high-risk medical condition, we require a physician’s letter and a Medical Risk Undertaking Form  This should be submitted via email to before Sunday, August 29th.

Learning Options: As previously communicated last term, in the new academic year Reach will only offer Face to Face learning with the exception of students who are not able to attend school for high-risk medical exceptions or approved reasons by the Principal. If your child has a high-risk medical exception, and you wish them to receive distance learning, school staff will request a medical certificate from a locally approved healthcare provider. Once all documentation is submitted, approval for distance learning will follow, together with details of distance learning provision.

PCR Testing: All students aged 12 and over will require a PCR test valid for no more than 96 hours before they attend school. The school testing date has not yet been set but we will update you as soon as we receive the appropriate information.

International Travel: For families who travelled internationally during the holidays or travel during the academic year, we are required to request information regarding the date of landing back in the UAE and the date that isolation/quarantine was completed. All children aged 4 and over require a negative PCR test from the end of their isolation/quarantine period to enter school. For children aged 4 – 11, this can be a saliva PCR Test. A travel declaration form needs to be filled and submitted

Vaccinations: The Federal Government has directed that all students aged 16 and over are required to have been fully vaccinated in order to allow them entry into school.

Visitors to the school: PCR Test Requirement

All visitors aged 12 and above shall show proof of a negative PCR test with a 96-hour validity:

  • If visitors are between age 12 and 15, they must present a proof of negative PCR test (valid for 96 hours)
  • If visitors are 16 and above, they must be vaccinated and show proof of negative PCR test result (valid for 96 hours)

We are looking forward to another wonderful year of learning, progress, and community engagement in our growing Reach community.


Mr. Dene Bright
Principal, Reach British School

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