Our children learn Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies in line with UAE regulations

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Arabic, Islamic Studies & Social Studies

Arabic is the official language of 26 countries worldwide, and the first language of 290 million people. The United Arab Emirates has a culturally diverse society, however, Arabic still remains its official language and mother tongue.

A 2013 British Council report ‘Languages for the Future’ identifies Arabic is the second most important language for school children to study over the next 20 years. Arabic is an integral part of the curriculum at Reach British School, taught right from the very start in our FS1 classrooms. Through it, our children gain a greater understanding of the society and culture of the United Arab Emirates and the ability to communicate in the language of the country in which they live.

Arabic Language

The Arabic Language Department at Reach British School aspires to be a distinguished section that excels students in the field of Arabic language, whether they are learning as native or non-native Arabic speakers. This vision is based on several main themes which equally contribute to both the progress made and the student achievement in our school.

Language and Identity

Deepening the student’s concept that language is an essential component of national and cultural identity.

Language and Civilisation

The interrelationship, in the fact that language is a manifestation of the civilisation and culture of society.

Linguistic Knowledge

Improving linguistic and cognitive ability, oral and written expression skills, and language development.

Language and Values

Showing respect and tolerance towards others by maintaining proper language in our communication.


There are many ongoing improvements to our Arabic department led by Ghadeer Askalan and her team, and while we welcome parents to come and visit the school to learn more about our programs, we must mention the most important achievements:

  • We now have membership to the Asafeer website which we use to improve the literacy skills of students; parents and teachers get linked to each other through a password, and teachers can assign some of the homework to the students on this website. This has been shown to improve students’ expressive reading and creative writing.
  • Our creative writing books, whose purpose it is to develop the writing skills of students in line with national standards. We can now better measure the progress in creative writing that our students have achieved.
  • The Reading Club was established during school to develop all the skills related to the Arabic language (reading, writing, speaking, comprehension) to all year groups.
  • The challenge of reading Arabic, which is part of the global initiatives of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aims to bring about a renaissance of education and knowledge in the Arab world by instilling a culture of reading among the younger generations A generation of readers is a promising generation. ” A nation that reads is a nation that invests in the future”.
  • Our school promotes reading and encourages our students to participate in the reading challenge. Our participation in 2017 was distinguished with our reader Khalid Salem Alnahdi in Year 5.

Islamic and Social Studies

The Islamic Studies and Social Studies Department aspires to form a leadership personality which understands Islamic values, the values ​​of tolerance, ​​and of keeping the book of Allah’s recitation, conservation and interpretation. Our team link these values ​​to the reality of our students’ daily life to reflect behaviour in society as well as the social values ​​that serve them as active individuals within school, their family and the rest of the community.

This department is an important social guide for our students who are part of an increasingly multicultural world, and we are proud of the many achievements over the past year. To name a few:

  • Prayer rooms are established for both female and male students to have their Islamic Studies Classes in, and to learn about recitation in. Recitation classes are taught in the prayer room to perfect the rulings of Tajweed.
  • Some Islamic events such as migration, Isra, and Miraj have been activated during school morning assembly and in classrooms.
  • We have initiated more national events, as well as improving awareness UAE heritage using interactive displays throughout the school.