We use education technology to aid the development of 21st century skills for our students

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Digital Learning & Technology

Today’s children are now entering school as fully-fledged digital natives embracing technology from an early age.

Reach is committed to developing a high technology environment. In 2019-2020, our passionate teachers effectively use technology to enhance the quality of learning. In primary school, students use digital technologies as a vehicle for learning across the curriculum. Our students have access to a dedicated computer suite where they can develop their skills as programmers using coding software.

In secondary school, students are also exposed to different kinds of technology during their learning at the school to help enhance their learning. This includes Microsoft Office Suite in the two dedicated Computer Labs and using Microsoft laptops and Google Chromebooks as part of their normal study in other lessons.

Reach is also a Google for Education school, utilising the full range of apps in the powerful G-Suite to engage students and parents in their learning journey. We also receive updated support and resources to develop digital readiness programs for our students. This approach maximises connections within and beyond the classroom, with students collaborating and creating in new and engaging ways. Through this approach, students develop an IT skill set that will be indispensable in preparing them for their future.

G-Suite is a cloud-based learning platform that enables educators to create opportunities for learning, streamline administrative tasks and challenge their students to think critically – all without disrupting current workflows.

Students will develop a range of skills including web design, HTML scripting, video game development and an introduction to programming in Python. Together they will form competent and responsibly digital citizens well prepared for the technology they will encounter in further education and within the workplace.

Reach works with students to educate them around using G-Suite in a productive and responsible manner. Reach also strengthens partnerships with parents by providing training sessions in Google Classroom and Class Dojo. Together these two systems provide the gateway between parents, students and teachers to ensure learning takes place with the support and collaboration of the student’s entire community.