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Secondary School

The Secondary School starts in Year 7 (Grade 6) and finishes at Reach British School in Year 13 (Grade 12). Our Year 13  classes opened in September 2020.

Years 12 and 13 are not a compulsory stage of education within the British system, although for students wishing to pursue university study, completion of A-levels or a recognised equivalent is essential.

Key Stage 3 – Year 7 To Year 9

At KS3 students are required to study the core subjects: Maths, Science and English and the following foundation subjects: Art, Physical Education, History, Geography, a Modern Foreign Language (MFL), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Physical Education (PSHE). The Ministry of Education provides teachers with curriculum guidance for Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Social Studies UAE. These programs of study include the knowledge, skills and understanding a student is expected to acquire in this key stage. They all provide the necessary foundational skills and knowledge so that students enter Key Stage 4 with the best foundations for success.

In year 7 all students sit a cognitive ability test that is repeated in year 9, the results provide the teacher, student and parents with a clear indication of what grade a student is likely to obtain at the end of Year 11 for their iGCSEs. Key Stage 3 teachers assess students using the new IGCSE criteria levelled 1-9, however, each year group is capped at a level relevant to its course material.

Key Stage 4 – Year 10 to 11

At Key Stage 4 (KS4), students begin their iGCSEs – the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Although teachers will predict a grade for students this prediction is not their final grade – this is determined by their performance in the external examinations they sit. All students will select seven IGCSE subjects. Our aim is to have all students achieving at least 5 subjects with grades 4-9 passes. Achieving these 5 grade 4-9 passes is very important for students who wish to pursue higher education, including A-levels (Key Stage 5 – Years 12 and 13), college and eventually, for some of our students, university.

English, Maths and Dual Science are compulsory IGCSE subjects for all our students. Students will then select 3 other subjects from a list of options, including ICT, Business, History, Geography and MFL. All curriculum areas would be available through external examination boards from the UK and students would sit tests, established by these boards and marked overseas by international examiners. This means that students leaving Reach British School would have qualifications which are recognized internationally. Click Here  to learn more about Science Double awards.

Key Stage 5 – Year 12 & Year 13

At Key Stage 5 (KS5), students begin their Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS Levels). Students will select a maximum of 3 AS Levels based on their grades at KS4. These should be courses that correlate with the career path that the student wishes to follow. Careers advice will have been offered to students prior to the selection.

Read more about our Curriculum.

Empowering Students With Block Timetabling

Here at Reach British School we follow block scheduling. It allows students to have more quality teaching time with their teachers. By minimising time spent transitioning from lesson to lesson we can maximise learning. It gives students the opportunity to develop their studies in more depth than is available otherwise and more quality written work is produced and more complex group can be performed. In lessons like PE and Art, this is even more essential to give students time to explore their creativity and passions.

It is a system used by top schools in the UK and is increasingly being used in the UAE.

Since the switch students and teachers alike have commented how successful they think it has become.

(it also means students do not bring such heavy bags with them to school – as they only need to bring 4 books – not 8!)

Secondary School Scholarships

Reach British School offers great scholarship opportunities for secondary students.

Secondary Enrichment Opportunities

As part of the International Schools Partnership, we are able to offer our secondary school students some amazing enrichment opportunities.