Our students, teachers and parents have some great things to say about Reach



“My honest opinion on this year’s back to school experience during Distance Learning is that it definitely was enjoyable and effective. All my teachers are reliable and responsive. They explain everything and aren’t strict but rather open. They do everything they would normally do face to face and we are given a reasonable amount of time to finish the work.”
Year 10 Student
“I have really enjoyed distance learning so far, this year has been different from any other year at Reach. I have managed to cope with distance learning well over the last few weeks. Over the DL course, I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me I found the course interesting, challenging, engaging, and fun. I cannot wait to go back to school.”
Year 7 Student
“During the pandemic, Reach has never affected my learning in a negative way. In fact, it became better. They got on their feet in an instance. Overall, Reach is one of the best schools in Baniyas.``
Year 9 Student
''Having joined Reach British School amid the pandemic, Distance Learning was an inevitable mode of studies. Throughout term 1, I realized that the teachers at Reach British made online learning effective, rewarding and joyful experience through their efforts and innovations. I was introduced to various learning sites and programmes which I might had not used during normal classes. The pandemic has influenced us both mentally and physically while making us realise that we can care for each other even while remaining physically apart. When I attended face to face learning during term 1, I realized how rewarding it is to be a student on campus at Reach British School. Although I enjoyed distance learning I would still prefer face-to-face since it gives me more room for personal development and conducive environment.''
Year 10 Student


“What I like about Reach is the teacher's personality, her experience, and capacity. As well as the quick and appropriate response of admin officers.”
Shigeto Aoki
FS2 Parent
“Communications between teacher to student, teacher to parent, Parent to School admin is what I like about Reach British School. Communication are open and answered very fast.”
Atanasius Lawe Hayon
Year 4 parent
“The caring of the kid's safety, during open school with covid 19, keep us informed about anything in school through the email, class dojo, text messages.”
Lamia Abdelaziz
FS2 Parent
“Teaching methods are very interactive and communicative, which my kid like the subject very much.”
Hartoyo Sudiro
Year 2 Parent
“The teaching methods in Reach are much better than other schools.”
Sobia Khan
Year 10 Parent
One of my daughters is studying this year in Year-1 (Seahorse) with Ms. Caroline. My daughter “Aseel” is studying online but she is fully engaged when it comes to Ms. Caroline's classes, she is happy & feeling the love in the way of teaching & caring from her teacher. She started loving reading too much & now she cannot sleep without trying to read few pages from any story she can find. Also, she started reading the signs in the street & sharing this with me as a proud moment. Reading is not the only thing she is happy with, now she is trying to use her math skills with me in market and help me with the payments. So this is just a small appreciation & thank you letter from Aseel to her.''
Year 1 Parent


“For the past 5 years, I have had the privilege to be part of the Reach British School Team. Reach provides a beautiful, learning-rich and modern environment to enhance teaching indoors as well as outdoors. The international setting creates many opportunities to embrace other cultures and promotes tolerance, respect and multi-cultural experiences. When asked, children will agree that they enjoy coming to school, that they feel respected, safe at school and that their opinions are valued.As part of the Early Years Team I have the privilege to shape children in their early childhood learning to become independent, creative, critical thinkers and innovators for the future.Working as a teacher at Reach British School, I am constantly challenged to keep up with constant educational changes through ongoing professional development. This has equipped me with the experience and skills to support Amazing Learning in my Early Years Classroom.” Thank you Reach British School for the opportunity to be part of this Global setting.
Mellissa Bodenstein
FS1 Year Leader
“The most rewarding thing about working at Reach British School is being part of a positive and supportive community. I have been teaching in RBS since its inception in 2014 and the team, Management and the students became my second family”.
Raluca Mavrodin
FS1 Teacher
“It is my fourth year as a FS 2 Teacher in EYFS at Reach British School. What a great experience to teach in the Foundation Stage! The students reach us with limited English Language and social skills and then they amaze me day by day with their development in all areas. They learn about healthy eating and table manners. How to be a good friend and how to share toys and space. They develop physically and emotionally through play and experimenting with different media. As an EYFS Teacher I can see immediate improvement in their development. That is very rewarding. The team is amazing and high standards are kept at all times. Every teacher works together within the team and is always willing to assist another. Each student is treated with respect, love and encouraged to achieve their highest ability. I can highly recommend EYFS at Reach British School.”
Jacomina Bruyn
FS2 Teacher
“Reach British School has a supportive, inclusive Primary department, with our amazing Head of Primary and great teachers who work collaboratively to produce the best teaching for our children. Not only are we a collaborative team but a family who support and guide each other. We take pride in our children and place them at the heart of everything we do because without them we are nothing but ordinary people!”
Seneisha Brewster-Ryan
Year 1 Leader and Class Teacher
“The most rewarding thing about working at Reach British School is being able to work with a diverse set of staff members that you can learn and develop from. By working at RBS, you will also have access to many resources and facilities that you would not get anywhere else”
Milo Ogden
Year 4 Teacher
“The most rewarding thing about working at Reach British School is working in a community that values each other and has teaching and learning as their main priority”
Kerri Allen
Year 3 Leader
“The most rewarding thing about working at Reach British School is that your voice is heard. The senior leadership team encourages proactive participation in the development of the school and allows for professional development opportunities that in turn foster valuable options for career growth.”
Hanane Ouna
Assistant Head of Secondary & Mathematics Teacher